Utility Planning & Engineering

Northwind’s OSP engineers each have an average of 20 years experience in the field and have completed many miles of pre-construction mapping and route engineering. Their knowledge includes standards and procedures for pole make-ready and pole loading per the NESC and other applicable codes. We use tools ranging from traditional walk wheels and measuring tapes to the latest in laser and GPS technology, depending on customer and job requirements.

We offer:

  • Strand mapping, land base mapping, facility mapping
  • Broadband Network Engineering
  • Pre-attachment engineering including make-ready walkout, forms preparation, pole loading calculations and reports, permit applications, joint use coordination
  • Project planning documents and drawings
  • Project management – we can take your project from planning stages to active plant

We perform all types of route engineering, whether underground or aerial, short distance or long, new paths or layouts utilizing existing facilities. An intelligently planned route can significantly affect the overall cost of a project. Our engineers research all underground routes completely to identify all existing facilities before determining a final route. This saves surprises and delays during construction and enables us to provide you with the most efficient plan for your project.

“We provide cost effective services with attention to detail and high quality standards.”


We will prepare and expedite all permits associated with utility routes and will deal with any or all of the process. If you prefer, we will provide just the drawings for you to complete the application, or we will handle the entire procedure and file all applications. We process many types of permits, including state, municipal, wetland, railroad, and pole attachments.